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Description of video

Published: 11-06-2019 12:20:54
                This song was discovered just recently and can be heard in Ну, Погоди!'s sixth episode. (06-02). Short clip can be seen here, in this video.
This is what I call a great discovery - many thanks to Yury Metyolkin and his friends from "Старому радио" for saving and digitalizing huge private tape collection, featuring many unknown Ну, Погоди! tunes that were found!

You can show them your support here: https://bit.ly/2KF7cRe

More info on the song title and artists: 
Название: "Гримаса";
Автор: Эрвин Ереб (Ervin Jereb);
Исполнители: инструментальный ансамбль п/у Эрвина Ереба и вокальный ансамбль "Модош" (Jereb Ervin együttese & Módos Vokál);
Год записи: 1963.

This video features vintage super 8mm footage of the cartoon itself synced with the audio. I also added some animation cels, scan of children's book as well as a story board scan from the amazing Светозар Русаков and friends.

The film is a DDR release of the DEFA company, good quality colour silent print (this one contains scenes from the 13th episode and is on a 33m film reel). It came in a metal container. 
Some released episodes suffer from nonsense cuts and scenes are sometimes not in the correct order. 

This footage comes from Defa Heimfilm 1051 "Hase und Wolf: Luft- und Landpartie". The film is in good condition however due to capture technique used by me the video looks bright and the difference between the projected (supposedly 24 frames per second) and the 30 fps of the capturing device introduces the annoying "flicker" effect. In person the quality of the projected picture is superb, crisp details and good natural colours and it is only a pity I can not capture them more frightfully at the moment, updates might come at some point of course.

Hope you enjoy those videos as much as I did putting them together :)





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